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Product Reviews   & "IoT"  Wish List.
Daily work these  INTERNET of THINGS  products would be Hot for.


Do you ever need to see what's up with your Inventory but you are no where near a PC?

Take a look at how the "Cloud" could be doing your computing BETTER than your PC, and allowing you to use even a smart Phone or Ipad if you are no where near a PC! Read more.

Windows 10 user? You already have Cortana...

Serious Cloud based Artificial Intelligence is already here with IBM's "Watson". We will be covering "Watson" for the Warehouse and Analytics much more deeply next month!  Start here to find out what this can mean to your business!

Would Migration to an SaaS system be a major chore?

Not as hard as you might think....there are so many huge companies creating BEST PRACTICES for such a MIGRATION, that a move like this has evolved into something you can actually look forward to. Read more on this.

Ever think having a great Barcode scanner would be nice....but so "Expensive?

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You may already have a great barcode scanner...Say hello to your smart Phone. Read more on this.

Getting More 3PL Clients.

See how the IoT and automation is helping a small 3PL business in Colorado.

True story of how a small husband and wife team, dramatically improved their business.

From so small they believed they could only do paper based ordering and business, to a great success story for the "connected" business of today and the future.

Wifi for the entire warehouse.

Some links to walk you through the tricky stuff. We will be adding more of our own findings to this article soon.

Understanding RFID systems and if you need them

Here is an easy to understand demonstration of use, and comparison against a Barcode scanning alternative.

Read the RFID Article.

Almost any Business can benefit from IoT.

It can be as simple as lights coming on when people are moving into an area, and off with the leaving….with fans and AC or heat working in similar fashion.

From here, Productivity Intelligence can begin, and managment suddenly gets a much better sense of daily workflow.

If you had a Smart Warehouse, how would it talk to you when the need arose?.

With Wifi throughout the warehouse, or 4g/5G cell network, a Smart Phone or Ipad is fine for this. A PC is also fine, just don't feel you need to carry one around. With the new form of Warehouse Wifi, shelves, HI lifts, loading docks, automated conveyor work flow updates - everything can "talk" to the system. The system can continuously monitor work flows, and even alarm or react to certain levels with automated behaviors. Read More.

The Internet of Things(IoT),
the Power of Cloud Computing,
and what could Software as a Service(SaaS)
mean to your business.

How about verbally asking your Smart Phone to Report on any underutilized areas in your warehouse, or to generate a report. When the Phone comes back with the report a few moments later, it reads off a list to you of all the clients your system flagged as non-optimal - for their profitability, or for yours. This is where a sales call by you, to them, could create a better bottom line.

Early Adopter?

If you or a friend is an "Early Adopter", the development of the INTERNET OF THINGS is something you are hearing a buzz about....

Being "Connected" when you are NOT at your desk

The big question to us

What will this mean to businesses with warehouses and inventory management needs? There is a “kid in a toy store” interest to this, as we look at some of the new gizmos and technologies…and there is the “Actual Use” side, the hunt for “toys” that really work and that could make our business lives better.

With the Atheer Air Glasses, Warehouse professionals now have an optimized and streamlined work-flow to guide them through packing lists, and real time inventory management. Built-in cameras allow for quick and easy part identification and hands-free barcode scanning.

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    Shootout at the OK Corral of barcode guns

    Find the right Gun for your business, see it in operation in many different environments...

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    IBM and the Cognitive Cloud

    And an Artificial Intelligence named "Watson".

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  • image

    Warehousing and 3PL

    Industry solutions to Inventory Management...

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  • image

    Expert in 3PL and Warehousing, Brandon.

    General Manager of Ferber Midwest Warehouse ( over 500,000 sq feet of warehouse space, and with over a thousand clients...

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    Link Title

    Link description goes here...

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    The Heads Up Display from Iron Man Movie makes it to the Warehouse!

    Airglasses by Atheer - and now you can see like Tony Stark...

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    Showroom of Homedics...

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  • image

    Expert #1 Dianne

    Handles the Software training and Day to day 3PL issues for thousands of people...

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    Meet OnHub....

    ...a new router from Google and ASUS that's built for all the ways you Wi-Fi.

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  • image

    Shootout at the OK Corral of barcode guns

    Find the right Gun for your business, see it in operation in many different environments...

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  • image


    Maximum Distribution and optimal Fullfillment...

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  • image

    Expert #4, Mark K.

    Not just a PhD and expert in Business Analysis and Accounting Managment and, but also on the Michigan Board of Education....

  • image

    insert copy

    insert text "safety" , or Revenue :-)

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    Escort Radar Detector and IoT

    Cool example of devices sharing data to create a national map for Escort using drivers to be warned ahead of time - that they are about to enter a driving zone so "DANGEROUS" that the Police often have the area covred in Radar...for "safety" , or Revenue :-) .

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    Software as a Service

    Software solutions and the evolution we are now in...

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    Expert Programmer...Fedor

    Great resource for dealing with what can be expected in having PC's or Phones run by the monstrous power of Cloud Computing systems, and what applications are already perfected...

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The Sl42 targets mobile frontline workers who require real-time connectivity to business-critical applications and superior barcode scanning performance to improve productivity and better serve customers whether on the floor, on the road, or in the field. From a leader in bar code scanning technology, the Captuvo for Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus quickly and accurately focuses, illuminates, and reads hundreds of barcodes per shift, even when they are damaged, poorly printed, or on a mobile screen.


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